Saturday, 18 April 2009

Raspberry Bazaar

Another place in Tynemouth village I wanted to show you is this shop:

I've never seen another place quite like it.

Bill tends to pop in a do a bit of his Christmas shopping here, having several girls to buy for.

He bought me a 'hand' on which to display rings. I liked it well enough I decided I needed to get another one, which brought me into this shop.

I was pleased that I knew exactly what I wanted, as trying to choose something from all that's on offer would be extremely difficult. As you can see, this place is literally crammed full of really fun stuff!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shelly... How Bazaar!
Came across your blog when searching for some Raspberry Bazaar info in Google... My daughter lives in South Shields and is addicted to the shop, I'm addicted to the Northumbria coast and I have connections and a strong affinity with your homeland and OK in particular. You can see a piece I wrote about the good people of Oklahoma at

Really enjoyed my visit to your blog.

turnerpkt said...

Hi, I agree! I am also American and lived in Cullercoats for 7 years. I just recently moved back to Texas this month. Ilove this shop. It's orginal and just fun to look around. Tynemouth is a lovely village. My husband grew up in the village. Thanks