Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Coffin Company

Yes, I know it's rather macabre, particularly in light of recent events. However I'm not the only one to notice this place and I figure if Jane could laugh about it, well it couldn't be completely tasteless to share it with you. It just worked out that I went past it on my way between several locations in a massive food shopping expedition and finally remembered to take my camera along to capture these pictures.

When I first saw this corner shop it was an antique shop. The angel was in its place and somehow fit in with the antique theme. I gathered the business had been there for some time, as when it shut the gentleman indicated he was retiring. Then it become a photography studio that specialised in Victorian costumed photos. This didn't last more than a couple of years and I quit seeing the angel, as you do sometimes with familiar sights.

Then this shop opened and was often remarked upon, particularly the choice of black and white stripes (colours of Newcastle United Football Club - the immediate area's predominant religion)

or red and white stripes (colours of Sunderland Football Club -- to which I didn't link because it crashed my computer, not because of other loyalties). I think we know a few people would would opt for the black and white stripes -- or for the running club colours were they available. One can also be intensely patriotic.

Closer observation (frustrated by the reflections on the glass) indicate choices of the wicker type

or something that looks like a Hawaiian holiday.

No, we didn't use this company, though they do offer more sedate options similar to the one we selected from the funeral home's brochure.

It just always struck me as a funny business to have as a corner shop, though the angel does seem to finally be the perfect touch. I wonder if that is why they chose the location?


Anonymous said...

These are interesting. Who has time to sit around and make these up and WHY?

Shelley said...

I assume you're talking about the design of the coffins. I have the impression that the wicker coffins are biodegradable and that would appeal to a lot of people. The others, well, I gather they are on offer because there are people who buy them. I have occasionally been to a funeral where people laughed as much as they cried, remembering happy times with the deceased. Any one of the football or flowered coffins would certainly give me a good chuckle! I suppose it's a different culture over here. Funerals are taken seriously, but in a different way I guess.

Joanne, tell me you don't quite fancy a coffin covered in embroidery, for example? ;->

Anonymous said...

At that point I won't be worrying about what I am wearing or what I am in, I will be in tuned into what is yet to coming. Sorry didn't say that the comments referred to the stories along with the patterns. I have some patterns I could send to add to her story lines.

Shelley said...

Oh! OK. Who has time to sit around and make up these pattern stories up and why?

Looking at her sitemeter I see she averages 3,000+ visitors a day and 4,000+ pages uploaded each day. I count 31 ads (for which I assume she is paid), not counting several Google Ads. She's obviously passionate about vintage dresses and, I think, she's a very talented writer.

Wish I knew how to move these comments over to the appropriate page, but I don't think it's just me -- I don't think Blogspot is that smart, either. Oh, well....

Anonymous said...

Haha, this shop used to be called "Go As You Please".
A far more original name I feel.