Saturday, 11 April 2009

Cracked It!

Well, sort of... that is, I finally managed to list something for sale on Ebay.

Having lived with Rita's jewellery for about a year now, I've gotten used to having her former title as the Imelda Marcos of costume jewellery. I love having lots of dangle-y earrings and as I rarely wear a watch these days, I quite enjoy wearing some of her bracelets, particularly her charm bracelet that I remember as a child. I have not got through all the necklaces as yet, though there are about a dozen that work well for me.

However, I've found that there are some pieces I just can't wear; I'm not the right size, shape and colouring for them. There are solutions for some things: I put her baby bracelet on a gold chain and I've really enjoyed wearing that. Some of the big earrings make interesting brooches and I have a few ideas for taking some of the longer or chunkier necklaces apart and making them into something I could wear.

Other pieces have sentimental value. There is a leopard print fur bracelet that looks totally weird on me, but I remember her letting me play with it when I was a child and I will always keep it. I will also keep the pieces I remember seeing her wear and have identified in pictures of her over the years. I particularly associate Rita's rings with her and I'm thinking they probably aren't all costume. They don't suit me at all -- but I wear them anyway and enjoy looking at them and remembering how great they looked on her.

But other pieces I won't or can't wear -- some of the earrings actually hurt -- and though they look "so Rita" I don't necessarily associate them with her, well I think someone else should get the pleasure of wearing them. I know Bill is a little shocked that I could actually part with anything of Rita's and he is right, that is not like me at all! I think I'm finally able to realise that I have the best part of Rita, my Mom and Dad, my Grandparents that one can have: lots and lots of happy memories.

Also, with the remaining collection of Ella's things brought into this house, I may have finally reached my clutter saturation point. I'm used to having to move stuff to get to other stuff, but when I started tripping over things I think something clicked. When we talk about moving to Salt Lake City I start thinking about the cost of moving everything. I'm to the point where I want to only keep the things we really love. I think that's major growth, for me!

So, Ebay has been something I've been meaning to figure out for ages. I've bought stuff from there, maybe a dozen things, but never got around to the selling part, even though I bought Ebay for Dummies some time back. When I heard they'd lifted their listing fees for items under 99p I thought I really did need to get busy, so I did. If you get curious, you can find me as 'frenchbluebutterfly' (Well, they did say pick a colour and an animal...).

What I haven't figured out is how to put pictures in the description using HTML. I did manage it but then they said my listing fee was 95p, so I figured I did it wrong...or is that how they make up for ditching the listing fee?
Does anyone know how this works?


Anonymous said...

It takes about a year going through all the seasons, holidays, and other yearly occurances to accept the fact that our loved ones are no longer going to be with us. Then we start remembering all the good thing and times and the things that made us unhapppy just fade into the background.

Shelley said...

Yes, this is true. One thing that I've not lost, however, is the motivation to keep in touch with folks a lot better than I used to. I regret not having written or phoned Rita more than I did; can't do much about that except write to others more. S