Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Since I'm not currently attending any classes, when The Happiness Project suggested I should ask a question in class, I fished out the first question that came to mind and Googled it.

The US president -- not to mention his wife -- has been in the news here lately as he came to London to attend the G-20; last I knew anything about G numbers there were only 8 so I was, as per usual, a little confused.

I found this article which includes a number of numbers not relevant to the question, but we got there eventually. Don't miss the side bar item on G-20 WAGS. [Has WAGS made it over to the States? It stands for Wives And Girlfriends and originally referred to the partners of footballers (soccer players) with ££multi-million contracts.]

I can see a pub quiz question in our future, asking "What is the significance of the hyphen in G-20?"

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