Thursday, 15 May 2008

Using Time

As usual I find my attention pulled in 68 directions. There are things I want to do and things I need to do. (I avoid the word should, having been told not to ‘should on my self’). An old trick I used to fairly good effect in the past is to (a) make a list of wants and needs; (b) set the timer and work alternately on each list for 30 minutes. In the absence of the time deadlines of a paid job or particular social engagements, this seems to be my next best bet. There will always be more to do than I can ever get done and I don’t want any day to have been spent entirely on work or entirely on play.

Needs to address include paperwork, tending to the garden, finish off the ironing and the other daily housework chores. Wants are mainly online – catch up on email, read my favourite blogs, do a little sewing and, of course, write an entry for this blog. Currently, I’m working my way up through the archives of The Simple Dollar. It’s not aimed at me, as I don’t have massive debt – I don’t have any debt, but I enjoy reading it all the same and am learning a little from it. The latest prizes from this blog are a link to Wall Street Journal and this little gem which I have taken as my thought for the day.

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