Monday, 5 May 2008

Lyme Park and Lime Boots

My Great Aunt Peggy told me once to stay in out of the rain 'cause I was so sweet I’d melt. In the nearly 13 years I’ve lived here in England, this has not proved to be true. It rains a lot here in England, that’s why it’s so green. If one waits for a nice day to do things, one may end up sitting at home most of the time, drinking tea.

If Saturday was fine, yesterday was wet. I don’t know whose idea it was to go for a walk at Lyme Park, but it was an interesting one. I can’t be critical as none of us had any better ideas. Simon and Rhiannon (with the green boots) met us there.

We just did the outside part, being too stingy to pay the extra fees to see the inside of the house. Helen did mention this was where one of the versions of Pride and Prejudice was filmed; I might have been marginally more interested had I realized it was the one with Colin Firth. Anyhow, we walked around the grounds, past Mr Darcy’s -- I mean the Leghs' house, past the stables,

past the lake (possibly the one where Mr Darcy fell in?),

up to what the local children call the Witches Castle.

In the literature this is referred to as The Cage, which is a hunting lodge. I could maybe take up hunting, except there is no plumbing and the wind up at the top of the hill is rather fierce.

There was some event on concerning Big Dogs.

I could have spent my whole day just drooling over the dogs,

but I restrained myself.I’ve learned why Brits love their tea. A hot drink after a wet excursion just hits the spot. Did I mention that it rains here in England?

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Boywilli said...

Its not what I would cal REAL rain. Now when I was a lad ......done drone drone