Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Packing List

It's been my life's dream to be 'organised', hence my love of lists. I now know I'm unlikely to ever realise this dream because things rarely stay organised, even if you ever get them there. Lists can sometimes be the exception to this; even if they need to change they can still be a useful starting point. In the interest of being helpful, I give you my packing list.

Packing list
coffee stuff – at least sweetener
toothbrush & paste & floss
contact case (dry); eye drops
spare lenses
/ saline / cleaner
eye glasses & case
inhalers & asthma tablets; malaria tablets if necessary

shampoo, crème rinse; hair dryer, brushes
other hair products?
deodorant; razor; body lotion; moisturiser
nail stuff; at least emery board & nail clippers
sunscreen (body & face);
aloe vera gel in case sunscreen fails
mosquito repellent
fake tan (pale & medium)
nightgown, robe, house shoes (socks)
handkerchiefs, underwear and bra
tights & slips?
beach towel and 2 swimsuits; beach bag
sandals, walking shoes, heels?
shorts and tops; sun dresses
running/cycling stuff x 2 or 3
regular/trail/race shoes; shoe bag?
electric thingy for foreign electricity
charger for phone
laptop and charger?
heart rate monitor; mobile phone, camera,
plane/train/boat tickets
car parking arrangements
passport and photocopy (separate!)
locks for suitcases (keys separate)
maps / race documents / tour guides

addresses (electronic &/or printed) for postcards
pictures to share
book, magazine, needlework
reading glasses
foreign currency; (US & UK) credit cards
Work: room reservation, presentation, work papers; change of clothes

If self-catering, consider: mugs, coffee, milk, margarine, dish soap, sponge, tea towel, salt, rice, oatmeal, pasta, olive oil, bottle opener, knife sharpener

Highlighted items go in carry on or purse. Pack messy stuff in plastic zipper bags. Take extra zip lock bags and a couple of plastic bags for dirty clothes. Pack the night before, circling any items that have to go in last minute.

Makes me tired just reading this. I always dread packing for a trip so much I'd almost rather not go.

And I think I'm fairly low maintenance...

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Boywilli said...

And all that lot goes in the suitcase. No wonder it weighs so much!