Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Top of My List

OK, I'll admit it: I've been holding out. I shared earlier about some web logs that are wild and funny, but they aren't actually the ones I visit most often. I'll tell you about my current favourites, but you have to promise to come back and see me now and then, OK?

They are a diverse lot and I like them for different reasons but, sorry guys, they are all pretty girly except the last. One day I'll figure out how to do one of those blog roll things (makes me think of toilet paper and so it hasn't been a top priority as yet) on the side bar, but for now I'll just tell you about them.

I Googled something about 50-year-olds and clothing after getting sick of looking at skinny-minnies in skimpy styles -- many of which I've already done, thank you very much. This is currently my very favourite blog. I'm not big on the way it's presented and the name's a bit weird (Second Cherry), but I find the content about clothing, shopping, women's issues, (and thrift!) absolutely spot on. I think she and I would have a lot to talk about, even clothes and stuff aside. I like reading about her life as a Brit living in France and her insights into French culture. I've linked you to one of my favourite pages, but look around and see what else you find. I think she's cured me of my very expensive women's magazine addition.

As authors go, you probably couldn't find a more opposite person at my second favourite, Pleasant View Schoolhouse. I was first impressed with how nice her blog looks. I wish my house were half as clean and uncluttered. She makes beautiful use of her very talented son's photography and the content describes a serene, affluent lifestyle, focusing on the domestic and family aspects. I believe she lives somewhere in Colorado.

My next favourite is Like Merchant Ships, who lives in Nashville. Her lifestyle has much in common with the previous blogger, but with more emphasis on thrift and raising small children. Her blog has the look of a slightly more hectic life, (ie a bit more average stay-at-home mom) but it is very easy to navigate. She networks a great deal with other web logs and whilst I can't tell how (if?) she makes money from her blog, she really works at producing it and there is a lot of creative ideas and thoughtful labour on display.

Finally, Zen Habits is written by a guy who lives in Guam. Much like Pleasant View Schoolhouse, his blog presents an almost surreally calm existence in spite of the fact that he has 6 children. He apparently has over 50,000 subscribers so he must be doing something right. I have to admire the discipline this man has. I read his posts about motivation, productivity, simplicity and happiness with a great deal of awe and in much the same way as years ago I rented a Jane Fonda aerobic video and sat watching it in my bathrobe...

I love the content of each of these, but I also am hoping to learn about about managing a weblog from them. Hope you enjoy!

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