Sunday, 20 April 2008

Cold Comfort Farm

Last night Bill and I watched this film that we taped off the TV several years ago. We both love it, but for different reasons each time it seems, mainly because we keep recognising the actors from other films we like. It has a great cast, but because I have limited exposure to TV and films I'm only recently discovering many of them:

Kate Beckinsale - VanHelsing
Ian McKellan - Lord of the Rings
Eileen Atkins - Cranford, Cold Mountain, Gosford Park
Stephen Fry - Gosford Park
Joanna Lumley - Absolutely Fabulous, Shirley Valentine
Miriam Margolyes - Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets
Sheila Burrell - Gaudy Night (Lord Peter Wimsey)

Stella Gibbons wrote the comic novel, Cold Comfort Farm, in 1932; the film was made for TV in 1995. Several of the films and TV series Bill and I really like are set in the 1930's in England. I love the clothes, he enjoys the cars and we both like the grand old houses. I'm not sure either of us would choose to live in that time between the big wars (though the upper class lifestyle looks pretty comfy) but the romanticised version is luscious.

I looked at Amazon in the US for this -- they wanted $65 for it, which, much as I love the film, is ludicrous! It's much more reasonably priced at £4-6 at the British Amazon ( Credit cards manage the currency exchange and even with postage, this isn't a bad price. Mind that the DVD region type can be played on your machine. I don't seem to have a problem with either Region 1 (US) or 2 (Europe) on my DVD player, which probably means I'm violating 16 international laws.

If you get to see this film, or any of the other films or series I've listed, I would highly recommend them to you.

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