Monday, 5 June 2017


Jane did some research to make sure we would be able to get home from our wandering route. After our adventures in Thun, we caught a train to Spiez (spee-ETZ), a ferry to Interlocken (in between lakes) and then a train back to Basel. 


Our 3-day train tickets were real value for money, covering ferries as well as trains (including a special sort). 

Chris and I wondered what that white bubble thing was.
Bill said it was a skylight for an underground garage.

Public transport on the Continent is subsidised by public money and so it is much cheaper there than in Britain. Ironically, much of Britain's transport is European owned. Our local Metro system is owned and run by a German company now.  

Bill was right.

So we help subsidise their public transport. I think it serves Britain right for selling out. Seems to me we follow tappy lappy behind the US in spite of being the size of a single US State with a fifth of the population; not to mention being 4,400 miles across the Atlantic vs 33 miles over the Dover Strait. (Is getting more politic one of those ageing things? I find myself thinking a lot these days about things that would have bored me rigid as a younger person. Or is it just that we live in an interesting time?)

We enjoyed our walk from the train station down to the ferry landing in Spietz. As usual, Chris and I lagged behind snooping at people's houses. 
I've always adored balconies: they hint at weather permitting an outdoor life.

I carried my crochet (brightly coloured dishcloths) and then my knitting (child's cardigan) nearly everywhere on this trip. (I recently discovered that 10 June is 'National Knit in Public Day'). It served me well on the train journeys and also on the ferry. 

I still took a stupid number of photos. I figured if I can read Italian subtitles on the telly and knit I would manage to look at scenery alright. However, I can report that crochet traves better: one hook and one loop vs two needles and many stitches. I got a lot more crochet done than knitting.

I know I sound a boring, ungrateful old git, but much as I enjoy travel, it comes at a cost beyond money: I lose time at home to nurture my projects, exercise routines fall away, healthy eating is a greater challenge. I do appreciate seeing other places and enjoying their sights, but I miss out on events I would otherwise attend here at home. That's just life.

Anyhow, I packed several craft projects for the evenings or other sitting times and I didn't regret it one bit. I felt I was getting the best of both worlds: home and away. 

It wasn't that far to the ferry, but we just missed a boat. I was going to sleep waiting for the next one, so had a coffee that perked me up.  We never went out to eat with Chris and Jane on this whole trip, but we did get the odd drink or snack in late afternoons to keep us going until dinner time back at the flat. It was cheaper but it was also a fun compromise.

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