Monday, 26 June 2017

Self-Washing Bathrooms (When Can We Get One!?)

We had such a great day on the 'green walk' - a term I'll explain later. I've tried to write about it all, but it simply won't fit into one post.

Outside the gardens near Basel University

It was on this day that we first went looking for a public toilet. (I know. I write about the oddest things.)  Jane had a map that indicated one could be found somewhere near the old wall that indicated a medieval city boundary. We wandered the length of it, finally finding someone to ask and of course were directed to the other end, and around the corner. 


It was our first of several experiences with the automatic, self-cleaning toilets in Basel. I didn't take a photo of that one, but found myself definitely admiring some of the others we found.

Note the silly sign on the left...urinals apparently...

Though not all were, a good number of the public toilets in Basel were of the self-cleaning variety. However they were routinely clean, in good working order, supplied with warm water, soap and hand dryers and FREE. What's not to love?

Well, actually, the tricky part was knowing what button to push when. We were all skittish about the possibility of being locked in and washed ourselves! Still, they were brilliant and made me appreciate Basel all the more. Besides, we always seemed to get a good laugh whenever we visited these contraptions.

Then there was a story about the day I stayed home and Chris stood waiting patiently in the pouring rain outside a loo in the Munsterplatz, waiting for the red light to turn green. Bill and I passed 'Chris's Box' on the last day, after Jane and Chris had got a train to Zurich. At Bill's suggestion, I photographed the box in Chris's honour, before we each availed ourselves of the facility.

"Chris's box" in Munsterplatz

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