Thursday, 8 June 2017

Ferry to Interlocken

Of course the scenery on the lake, Thunersee, was spectacular. Snow covered mountains aren't new to me - I saw them out my kitchen window in Salt Lake City. 

That said, there is something about being on an enormous lake beneath these majestic (trite, but the best word nonetheless) mountains. I confess it got me.

In Salt Lake City some oik has built a house on the ridge since I left and I'm afraid it has spoilt the skyline for me. I wish him ill every time I think of it.

The Alps are so steep and the dangers of avalanche so great, I like to think they are somehow protected from major development for the time being. 

I'm sad to report I did see an enormous hotel on the top of one ridge. We were also appalled to see the occasional strip mine and in one place there was a cement factory on the side of the lake. So perhaps we can't take their beauty for granted.

The ferry stopped at a series of villages along the lakeside. 

We have a ferry not far from our house that runs across the River Tyne, taking folks from North Shields to South Shields. People use it to commute to work. Another ferry just a bit further on takes people overnight to Amsterdam.

We loved the houses with a different sort of garage.

Those seem a whole different kind of ferry to this one. I didn't see a single commuter type, though I could be mistaken, nor any suitcases. 

There were loads of people on the front of the boat where Chris positioned us.  One group was of of three Germans (I think) of the motorbike/ Goth/ ugly pursuasion, one woman and two men.

One of the guys had the large studs in his ear lobe, countless studs in his face and a load of tats and his visage disturbed Jane a bit.

Each to his own is my view, but I was pleased to have them behind me where the didn't spoil my view. 

They drank beer, smoked some pot (which amused us) and quite a few cigarettes - I prefer the smell of marijuana over tobacco any day. 

The road you don't want to know you are on...and we wondered about ever after.

They also played music, which to our amazement wasn't too awful. I've no idea if you would call it indie or garage or soft grunge, but it was palatable. I wondered if it would upset them that we liked their music.

Eventually we came to a narrow place between the two lakes (Lake Thuner and Lake Brientz) and we got off at the town of Interlocken (between lakes, funny enough). From there we caught a train back to Basel. I even knew my way back to the apartment by then.

Snow covered Alps, great rivers with surfing, complicated rooftops, glimpses of peoples' gardens or balconies, pretty cats, old churches - and sunshine! It was a great day out. 

Friendly people!

We did a fair amount of walking with lots of sitting in between. However, I decided I would pace myself. 

The next day I stayed home and put my feet up. 

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Bev said...

Shelley - I haven't been commenting on your posts, but want you to know that this Swiss Extravaganza is amazing, and I know I'm getting the Readers Digest Condensed Version. It looks like you had an absolutely amazing time. Beauty everywhere, and the MOUNTAINS!
Count me jealous here!
Bev in Dallas