Monday, 18 February 2013


We went to Manchester last week to visit Charlotte.  

Bill offered to do some gardening work while we were there, but the weather wasn't conducive. 

I think that was just an excuse to invite ourselves over anyhow.  Bill is besotted with his grand-daughter and I can't blame him.

For someone who doesn't like children much, for someone who prefers puppies to babies, I sure have found myself attracted to this kid.  

For one she's a good-natured thing.  She happily entertains herself with various toys and makes contented baby noises now and then.

She's alert as well as placid, particularly in the morning when she's looking around at everything. She gives the impression that even at five months she's taking it all in, a sharp observer who just doesn't say much.

Finally, she's easy to make smile or laugh.  

I found that just shaking her striped toy with the ribbons for its mane and cooing 'Pony, pony, pony!' just tickled her no end.  

I'd feel a complete idiot doing this as a rule, but everyone in that house is reduced to baby talk so it doesn't matter so much.

I'm looking forward to seeing her again next month at Bill's birthday party!

But don't worry, you won't have to wait another month for more baby pictures. we took Charlotte and Helen with us when we went exploring in Manchester.  I have some wondrous sites to share! 


D A Wolf said...

I admit to a fondness for babies and children (and puppies!)... but Bill's granddaughter looks like a delight.

Post all the pictures you can! And enjoy those moments as she discovers the world. Oh, how they keep us young - and laughing!

Rick Stone said...

Was never all that crazy about kids. Did okay with my own while they were growing up. BUT, now that the grandkids have come along I'm just silly about them. Of course, my kids were boys. These five little girls have me pretty much wrapped around their little finger. Youngest one will turn six tomorrow. Oldest are the ten year old twin step-daughters.

Anonymous said...

I can clearly see why you both would be smitten...she is adorable!

Susan Partlan said...

What an adorable child! I love to make babies laugh.

Revanche said...

I feel the same about dogs vs kids generally but do love little babies like Charlotte - so sunny and good natured!