Wednesday, 13 February 2013


The largest city near to Meursault is Beaune, about 9 km (6 miles) away.  We cycled there one day to see the sights.  There were plenty things to see.


There were children's facilities in this city centre park.

No idea how old this building is, but isn't it grand?


Lots of little side streets seemed designed just to highlight another wonderful building.

Just in case any Brits got homesick...


I think Dali and his work are strange. But no stranger, perhaps, than coming upon someone who keeps odd objects on display in their courtyard.



I think I've seen something similar outside a residential care home in Whitley Bay, come to think of it.  This French one is more...artistic.


Bill and I were both enchanted by this tiny bit of 'park' at the intersection of three small roads.  


Behind it was an old, building.  We both found it beautiful, strange as that sounds.  I couldn't help but wonder what stories it could tell.  

There is no doubt a great deal more of Beaune to see, but we spent most of our day seeing what is probably their leading attraction.  Three guesses what the next post will be about?


vintagefrenchchic said...

All your journeys give such a wanderlust to want to live abroad. Sigh.

Beryl said...

I'm guessing the Nursing Home. You have done such a good job for the tourism bureau of Beaune. I can hardly wait to explore it the next time I visit France. Your pictures are just great!