Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Meursault Village

Bill knows more about wine than I do.  He couldn't believe I didn't know that Meursault was famous for its wine, particularly its white wine.  Which, given that the region we were in was called Burgundy, confused me no end; I think of that as red wine.   I did see and recognise a reference to Meursault wine in 1939: The Last Season, which was fun. However, I doubt I'll ever know much on the subject except what I like or don't like.

Another thing I didn't know was what to call these amazing roofs.

Meursault town hall


This is called Gothic architecture with Flemish roof tiles.  They were spectacular.
This is the Hospices de Beaune, more of which later

The walk from the campsite into the village was quite pleasant.  I've already shown you many of the grand houses.

A chevreuil is a 'roe-deer', just as pictured

Notice the lovely tromp l'oeil?

I've no doubt wine is the major industry in the area, but I had the feeling that tourism might be a close second.  

Meursault looked a very pleasant place to live.  

Every French person we met - young,old or in-between- was very polite and cordial.  It was a great place to be ending up our holiday...but we're not quite done!


Susan Partlan said...

The tromp l'oeil fooled me!

Lovely photos, especially the one looking out to a field of flowers.

Carolyn said...

Utterly picturesque!

Beryl said...

Very attractive town. I always wanted to visit that old nursing home in Beaune. I look forward to hearing more about your visit to it.