Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Through Lyon

On our way to Meursault, we got caught in a traffic jam on the bridge at Lyon. Though we stopped for one night in Lyon on our way south, we weren't staying this time. 

I remembered hearing / writing that Lyon was the gastronomic capital of France and wished we could experience some of that. Also a colleague at work was from this city and though I've since lost touch with her, it would be fun to tell her I'd checked out her hometown. Perhaps another time.

Apartment living is much bigger in Europe than in Britain and the U.S. It's hard to tell whether these would be nice flats, but there were streets of them along the riverside. 

Some had signs hanging on the balconies, which Bill said were protesting about the main road that was built just outside their windows. I expect the buildings were there first, so I'm sympathetic. "Progress" always seems to come at a cost, eh?

When we reached our campground at Meursault I had to laugh:  I'd been furiously trying to snap photos of vineyards from the road. I loved the geometrical rows, but  was having little luck.  At Meursault I could hardly photograph anything but! We were surrounded...


Beryl said...

What lovely pictures. Makes me want to go dine in Lyon!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Shelly you are so fortunate to be seeing so much. Lyon would definitely be on my list to visit and your photos confirm that. We have not been able to venture out past Scotland (except to go home). I cannot wait until that day comes to see MORE!!!

I'm especially anxious to head somewhere warmer if only for a week! Take care and happy travels to you both. :)

Bourbon & Pearls said...

Elijah Craig was a real Reverend, I love calling it by its full name - it seems sanctioned by God!

vintagefrenchchic said...

Interesting how Parisian those buildings look. I think I could live in one. : )

Carolyn said...

Lyon is wonderful! I had escargot in Lyon... so I can tick that experience off the bucket list now, and need never repeat it :D
They have an amazing textile museum too.

Shelley said...

Beryl - Yes, I was rather sad not to see more of it. The world though smaller than it used to be is still too large for me to see it all! Perhaps we'll see Lyon another time though. France looks to be on our list for a while now.

Deb - I am very fortunate and I try never to forget that fact. I found one of the challenges of moving to Britain - and it still is to some extent - was feeling I needed to go back home all the time to see friends and family, instead of seeing the rest of the world. With my uncle in the US and Bill's sister in Australia, we spend a lot of holidays in those places. I'm determined to show Bill more of the SE part of the US!

Shelley said...

Tabitha - You little devil!

Heather - Yes, those apartment buildings do look particularly attractive. I'm curious about what they are like inside.

helen tilston said...

Hello Shelley
I just found your blog through a mutual friend and immediately followed you. Looking forward to knowing you through your posts