Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Winery

Simon took us to see his favourite (so far) winery.  The two sales people were already engaged with other customers and so we had time to explore a bit.  The man spoke very rapid English with his French accent and I had to listen carefully to follow him, though as I recall his grammar was perfect.

As it turned out, it was the lady who served us.  Although she also spoke English, she understood Simon's and Bill's wish to practise French.  

She listened patiently and replied slowly.  I'm sure she won over many customers in this way.  Bill and I tasted a few wines; Simon abstained as he was driving.  In any case, he knew what he wanted.   Grangeneuve (New Barn) specialised in red wines that I'm not fond of, but Bill bought a few bottles he liked and a white one I thought was nice.  

It was an amazing cave of a place that reminded me of probably my favourite ever hotel, La Terrasse, on the Dordogne.  We stayed there years ago as part of a bicycling holiday; the cycles provided were pretty bad, but the food was incredible.  I confess to having enjoyed foie gras.  Walnuts were the local speciality and they made everything you could think of from every part of a walnut or walnut tree.  But that was then... (before we had digital technology).

On this trip, the theme seemed to be very much lavender and wine vineyards, though salads and cheese also played a big role; also balloons, but we haven't got to that part yet.

I found myself more interested in the odd details of the place, like the wooden carrier that reminded me of the one I liked in Sydney earlier this year and their lovely courtyard.   

I probably missed the main point (or failed to appreciate it), but I enjoyed the visit anyhow.  It does my heart good to look back at the warm sunshine of those days, now that we are now in the dark and wet.

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Beryl said...

Those are fabulous pictures! And how cute is that wooden crate! Thanks for taking us on the visit!