Wednesday, 9 January 2013

La Guarde Adhémar

Another place Simon took us was to a village called La Guarde Adhémar. 

 You may or may not recall the Adhémar family from Grignan a couple of weeks ago.  

I haven't done as much research about the history of this place, 

but basically it seems to be about the large herb garden, which we explored.   

Simon said it was also famous for the decorative street signs. 

I don't know if this is actually a claim to fame, but I found myself unable to resist capturing every one I saw. 

 I still think they'd make great note cards.  

I was also fascinated by the objects that various restaurants seemed to use for decor, like a huge bird cage - could it be called an aviary? - 

with metal and ceramic birds in.  

I liked the humour. 

Also, old milk bottle carriers and even an old metal dish rack seemed to have been given a new purpose.

Have a very rusty old bike? 

If you have an attractive stone wall covered with vine, this can be its new role in life.

The herb garden probably wasn't at its all time best, it looked a bit neglected,

but it was still pretty interesting.  

The views over the valley were brilliant;  saw a high speed train in the distance and a loop of the Rhône; who doesn't love the romance of trains and rivers?  

It wasn't until we were leaving that Simon told me the sign said not to touch the plants.  Oops, too late.  I didn't pick anything, I just wanted to get the scents on my hands.   I'm probably lucky I didn't break out into a rash or something. 

Of course there were many different types of lavender plant, also some 'grand woodworm' AKA as absinthe.  

I was intrigued by several types of sage.  Some smelled heavenly, others stunk.  

We had a good wander round, then headed back to Simon's village to find another restaurant for dinner. 


Anonymous said...

Reason number 2,576 why I should live in France.

I love the photos of the gardens (inspiring) and those stone steps.

Shelley said...

Heather - I'm so glad you like those stone steps. I sort of questioned putting that one in, but couldn't bring myself to leave it out! I'm sure if we lived with sights like that all the time, we'd become blase. When I mentioned to Bill the idea of moving to France, his response was "Then where would we go on holiday?" I thought he had a point...

Carolyn said...

Beautiful scenery :) but I really want to say, thank you for sending me the link to your beautiful handmade shoes.. they are superb!! and you should be rightfully very proud of them. Did you get to keep the last, to make yourself any more?
Incidentally, I checked out that shoe-making course in Melbourne... maybe something for my future??