Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Simon's Visit

We didn't waste any time visiting France after Simon moved there.  He'd only arrived a week or two before us!  So, it only seemed right that he should come visit us at the campsite; in fact he spent the weekend.
So of course we had to take him into Bourdeax.   I saw things I'd not noticed the first time around, one of which was this mulberry tree.  Neither of the Brits knew anything about mulberries, but I spent my childhood summers staining fingers, clothes and shoes with these delicious things. 

I was sorely tempted to sample some, but figuring it was on private land, I resisted.  After all, we were guests in this little village and tourists must be irksome even when well behaved, never mind when stealing your fruit.
Love this front door!
One of our objectives was to buy some fruit and veg and we did this.  There was a bit of confusion about money and change.  At some point Bill put down his wallet, something none of us noticed at the time.


We continued our wandering and found a 'brocante' shop.  Now, I had noticed some 'brocante' signs along the roadside on the drive down and somewhere I got the idea this meant markets or car boot sales, but this was a little shop run by a Dutch woman.  I can't tell you how many languages she spoke but I heard her in English, French and German.  I'm in awe of multi-lingual persons.

I bought a green cocktail glass that I thought might be depression glass (the green was thin plastic that scratched off); a small green bottle that I might put flowers in; half a dozen knife rests, which she called 'crystal' but I think are 'glass'.  We're talking 10 Euros for the lot.  It was fun poking around in her shop and I can't really regret my silly purchases.


I was conscious that having the motorhome widened the temptation:  no having to figure out how to bring home a purchase on a plane!  But without having a distinct plan, I wasn't inclined to make any large purchases.  I really hate expensive mistakes.  Besides, any large mirror, for example, would take up space we needed to use for the remainder of the trip.

Cypress trees - that long thin thing on the right -
are used a lot in the south of France. 

While we were in the brocante, the young lady from the fruit and veg stand arrived breathless; she'd been anxiously hunting Bill to return his wallet.   I reminded myself to take even better care of my own purse, in case we needed to rely on my cash and cards at some point. 

One thing that did always catch my eye as we passed was this derelict terrace house, situated amongst very nicely restored homes.  I kept wondering if it would be a good buy.  We eventually decided that it was actually part of another house, and in any case I'm sure our fixer-upper years are in the past.  Then again, Simon and Martin and maybe Sarah's boyfriend Johnny....all strong, healthy young men...

No.  Nice thought, though.


Carolyn said...

Mulberries; that takes me back. We had a tree and we all loved them as kids. The leaves were alway in great demand year round for the school silk worm projects.

Rick Stone said...

My next door neighbor has a mulberry tree. Hate the thing. The birds eat them and then leave their droppings on everything.

Ah, the mixed blessing of RV storage. Makes it convenient to carry your new "memories" but then takes up needed space on an extended trip.

Beryl said...

Those are great pictures. I love the terraced house too. What a lovely holiday.

Anonymous said...

Shelley, you'll have to keep me right, I have no idea what i'm doing with this new series!

Shelley said...

Carolyn - Gosh I forgot about mulberries and silk worms...don't think I ever encountered any silk worms, at least none I recognised.

Rick - I forgot about purple poo! And yes, it is a mixed blessing. Will require great restraint if we manage to shop at the end of a holiday!

Beryl - Thank you. I'm glad it's not just me that liked them!

Tabitha - That's a riot - you asking ME - an American - about U and non-U topics! (Go visit Tabitha's blog to make sense of this).