Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Festival of Theatre

As I mentioned before, Avignon in July is host to a Theatre Festival. 

This theatre is situation on the Rue Moliere.   I can't say I'm familiar with his work, but even I know the name.

I loved these trompe l'oeil paintings on the outside. 

We guessed a few of the plays they depicted,

 but some were too tough for us.

Actually, Bill guessed most of them.  My education was less classical than his (I can diagram a sentence, he can quote poetry).

The festival meant that not only was practically every venue in the city presenting some play or other, every student in the city appeared to be pressed into the advertising scheme.

Or perhaps they were the actors, working by day delivering leaflets and by night playing on the boards.

This also meant one could not sit in a street cafe without being accosted.  However, the show was so fun, I didn't mind too much.

Spot the "tree" on the right?

I didn't manage to capture many of the processions at all. Perhaps I need a quicker camera?

New way to deliver leaflets: lie in the street!

I sort of felt for the usual street performers now having competition from the play adverts.


Zorro gets help cleaning the streets.

Street performance has to be one of the toughest jobs around.

Oops, almost missed one!

I normally don't cope well with crowded conditions, but Avignon was so exciting I mostly managed to ignore the inconveniences and get on with enjoyment.


Rick Stone said...

Now that sounded like fun. Jo and I enjoyed live theater and, fortunately, OKC has several very good theatrical companies. Recently I've gotten to know some of the most active people in the theater community which makes it even more interesting. I've been carrying on with trips to the theater and have been introducing Jo's niece, Carrie, to this great pastime.

Beryl said...

Cool pictures! I am with you in wanting a quicker camera. And it's only in relationship to my writing that I gotten interested in capturing more of my surroundings. Five years ago, I didn't ever take pictures.