Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween

Halloween costumes are so easy when your mom is an avid sewist and loves making costumes. 
That face paint never stayed put for long!


The first year she had a step-grandson, she made Three Bears costumes. This year (1981) we were clowns.

Wearing bells is so fun!


Never mind that they were only worn twice, she loved making these outfits.  If I'd been smart, I would have passed them on or sold them the next year, but by then Mom was gone and I wasn't thinking very straight about anything, much less things she'd made.
Edited to exclude that other clown...

What are you going to be this year?


Carolyn said...

Wow, those costumes are super clever and super fun looking! You mother was very ingenious :)

Rick Stone said...

I'm just going to be the same ole grumpy man I always am. :-)

Took my niece to lunch today and she was dressed as Cat in the Hat, a costume she made herself. (Joanne had bought herself a brand new sewing machine but had never even had a chance to take it out of the box. Now Carrie is putting it to good use. Jo would have liked that.)

Alan and his family will be over later so the kids can Trick or Treat in my neighborhood. I'll post a blog later tonight with pictures of all of them.

Beryl said...

Those costumes are wonderful. What fun your mother must have had making them. And you look so cute!

Shelley said...

Carolyn - The best thing about them was their simplicity. The clowns were made from the same pattern as the three bears.

Rick - You're not half as grumpy as I am. Halloween isn't well stuck in to the culture here, but in previous years I have had young teen thugs in masks ring my doorbell and demand candy (they didn't know the phrase 'trick or treat'). Since then I've turned out my lights and refused to answer the door; it just doesn't feel safe to me, though I'm sure I'm being paranoid. Not that anyone was out in my area last night, thank goodness. I'm happier for Brits to stick with their own autumn ritual of Bonfire Night.

Beryl - I was cute back then...weren't we all when we were young?

BigLittleWolf said...

These costumes are adorable! (It does help to have a great stitcher in the family.)

I was... ahem... a "shoe tree." (For real. Draped myself in some of my shoes, and some fake vines / berries / leaves.)

No stitching required! (Only threading ribbon through selected footwear and a little draping.)


Revanche said...

Those costumes are so neat! I miss mom-sewn things... I used to have matching dresses with my cousins. Nothing very fancy but when we were really young, she liked making the occasional "fancy" thing for us.

One of my Brit friends told me that Halloween was just rather uncivilized in her opinion, "young thugs" was the gist of her description as well! Is it weird that I was a bit surprised that Americans are the ones who stayed a little bit more civilized about it?

But I didn't like being looked at so Halloween costumes made me nervous. You'd think that being "hidden" in a costume would help but nothing was encompassing enough :)