Thursday, 15 December 2011


As usual - and even without being involved with work do's, we've had our fair share of Christmas parties.  Our normally disgustingly healthy diet is suffering, but fortunately the parties are behind us as we can be 'normal' for a little while before we hurt ourselves at the table again on Boxing Day.  This feasting business has a lot to answer for.  However, we wouldn't really wish to be without the festivities altogether, would we?

First of all, Vivien and I went to our Women's Institute Christmas party at Lola Jeans.  This is a pub in Tynemouth, and I've spent the entire morning searching my picture files and Bill's, plus the internet for photos.  It is a beautifully decorated place and I'm astounded there aren't any photos to share, only this picture I snapped when Vivien and I passed through the Arcade

Anyhow, one of the managers, Alex (a surfer from Sydney), showed us how to make a variety of cocktails.  Not your usual WI with jam-making and singing Jerusalem, then. (Good thing, too, I don't know the words never mind the tune; apparently I'm not alone).  I've made some notes from Alex's demonstrations but am hoping to get some recipes soon.  If I do I will share them.  The great thing about the cocktail night was that martini glasses were passed around with loads of tiny little stirrer/straws, so that you could taste all of them without drinking too much.   Brilliant idea.

After all the 'classes' we were encouraged to order another 'free' cocktail (we'd paid in advance, good value for the money I might add) and there were also non-alcoholic drinks made with similar care.  It was all very delicious and with about 60 of us women all decked out in our 'glam' outfits there was great atmosphere in the place!  I expect it was a bit more lively than their usual Monday night.  When we first began some of the other people in the bar looked quite surprised to find themselves in the midst of a WI meeting!

Best of all, in the raffle Vivien won the prize for dinner for two and a bottle of wine at The Biscuit Factory.   This is actually an art gallery, but it has long had  a restaurant next door, The Barn, The Black Door, the Brasserie, and they've always been excellent places to eat.  I'm looking forward to hearing all about it!

And it looks like, tough a job as it will be {sigh}, I'll have to go back to Lola Jean's to get those inside photos to share - and maybe some recipes as well.  See how hard I work for you?


Carolyn said...

What a great night out! The cocktails sound like great fun... I love Christmas do's as well, but I'm starting to feel the "not another canape and glass of champagne" syndrome too... hehe

Suburban Princess said...

Sounds like a fun night out! I spent the weekend going from party to party to party...I took yesterday off tho. In fact I think I am clear this weekend to stay home and bake cookies :O) Then more parties next week!

Thanks for your awesome comment on my Kiva post!