Friday, 23 December 2011

Coming Christmas Day!

Bill was kind enough to forward the information that there will be a TWO HOUR special Downton Abbey!  That will be bliss...

I won't share any more in case American readers aren't up on the developments of Season 2.  I think of DA as just one more in a long list of perks of living in Britain!  The article did suggest that Season 2 would be the last - also that DA could go on for years.  I guess it can go on for as long as Julian Fellowes can be bothered.

I was just the other day taking an afternoon (post-TOO MUCH FOOD-luncheon) break and re-watching my Season 1 videos.  I find that putting the captions on the second (forth, sixteenth) time around adds a new interest, if the clothes, the house and the dialogue weren't sufficient.  However, I did notice an error that I thought I should point out.

When Mrs. Crawley and Matthew first come to dinner and the discussion turns to the local hospital where Mrs. Crawley might do some volunteer work, the subtitle says 'college hospital', when it should be 'cottage hospital'.  I was pretty sure it should be 'cottage', but then later when Mr. Carson thanks Mr. Bates for not discussing an embarrassing incident, they are standing in front of the sign that clearly says 'Cottage Hospital'.

'Old Cottage Hospital, Ledbury'

This was a phrase that made me quite nervous when I first arrived.  I love antiquity and all, but not associated with my medical services.  On the other hand, Bill says cottage hospitals tend to be 'nursing beds' with 'visiting GPs', which makes sense for convalescent stays and such.  These days they tend to be called 'community' instead of 'cottage' hospitals.  If they haven't been made over into flats.

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Suburban Princess said...

I am all up to date with season 2! It was delicious! I have known all along there would be a 2 hour Christmas special...I cant wait!

I soooo hope they make another's exactly what TV is missing these days...some quality shows that dont involve violence, nudity etc etc.