Friday, 5 November 2010

Wine and Cranberries

No, this isn't a punch recipe, it's the colours I've chosen for November.  Wearing burgundy always feels so rich, it is one of my favourites for autumn and almost makes up for the cold of winter.  Sadly I don't have a great deal of it in my wardrobe.  There are a couple of cranberry-coloured tops that I will call 'close enough' and I'll be on the look out for wine coloured pieces.

I found a dark red crushed velvet dress from the days when I was thin.  Owing to its stretch-icity, I was able to get into it, but just; I don't foresee a time when I'll ever want to wear anything so clingy around the hips, but I thought I'd try it as a top, so it's been whacked off serged / overlocked.  I'll turn it up and hem it next Tuesday at the sewing group if not before.

I also found a large dolman-sleeved long sweater, a la 1980s over leggings, in a burgandy, navy and dark green stripe.  I've read somewhere that small horizontal stripes are OK as they create a 'ladder' effect and draw the eye upwards.  Rather than try to figure out if these stripes are sufficiently ladder-like, I've cut the pieces apart to have a go at re-fashioning it into a slightly more tailored style.  I'm sure I bought it at a charity shop 20 years ago, so it's no great loss if the project fails.  I figure the only way to learn is to try these things.  
I'll let you know how it goes.   

What do you look forward to wearing when it gets colder?


Frugal Scholar said...

boots! sweaters!

Jo said...

It has gotten cold enough to get out the flannel and fleece, which I enjoy wearing.

The English Organizer said...

I love wearing boots and tights with skirts in colder weather. Although, I don't think it really qualifies as cold here just yet!
(Aka, Struggler)