Friday, 26 November 2010

Alternate Email

Do yourself a favour:  get a second email address and use it for all those registrations you have to do to get where you want on the internet.  Don't give your real email address - the one you use everyday with friends and family - to anyone you don't love to hear from. 

I had a friend ring up the other day about her Thanksgiving invitation.  I'd given a 'deadline' to reply (people here struggle with the concept of RSVP for some reason and I can't plan without a general number to start with).  She'd wanted to reply but couldn't find my email amongst the 300 or so 'junk' emails that she'd signed up to receive.  I suggested she get an alternate email address and to give the new one to her family and friends (don't forget me!); she could eventually abandon the old one to the adverts.

Do yourself another favour:  use a normal, grown-up email address.  Quirky names that might be fun on the dating sites at 18 or 19 may hook the entirely wrong sort of fish if you are 50.  Also, weird / cute / rude email addresses don't always go down well at the office.  Just a suggestion...

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