Thursday, 25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Living abroad in a place where there is no Thanksgiving celebration, we do a bit of Holiday Time-Shifting and have our Thanksgiving on Saturday night.  This year we are hosting between 26-28 (commitment is tougher for some than others) and for the first time have invited the neighbours over.

Last weekend we got the spare dishes and glasses out of the loft, unburied the extra kettle and fired up the spare fridge in the garage.  Monday, I made the cornbread and fried 14 cups of chopped onions & celery.  Tuesday I cooked the first turkey and put together the stuffing.  Wednesday I stripped the first turkey and cooked the second.  The list continues (with a break for bookbinding) with making desserts and shopping for the fruit and vegetable salads made the very last.  I took note of the huge amount of food we had left over last year and have reduced my quantities accordingly.  Fingers crossed, there will still be plenty. 


James said...

Hope it goes well!

Jo said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! We had Mom over for dinner. Tried to make smaller quantities of everything so we would't be eating on it for weeks. I succeeded, so we will only get one maybe two meals for us and the same for Mother. I think it is as much of a challenge to cook small amounts when you are used to doing large as vice versa.

Shelley said...

Well, it was interesting, I'll say that. We now have provisions for the winter in spite of my cutting back!