Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Ugly Prague

I can't claim -- and I wouldn't try -- that everything in Prague was beautiful. I snapped this picture because I thought it looked like a big spider climbing up the building.

Big cities always seem to have their share of graffiti, even in the wealthy areas. In Europe, possibly especially in the wealthy areas, I don't know.

The last time we were in Barcelona I kicked up a fuss because Bill wanted to go down a certain street and it was either nearing or after dark. I thought it looked scary. It was narrow and winding, with tall buildings on either side, just off one of the more historic areas. There was graffiti all over the doors and windows, which were all covered with rolled down metal guards. He was a bit annoyed with me, but gave in. We went back in the light of the next day and found expensive shops with exclusive apartments above.

I think it can be very difficult to tell a good from a bad area
when you are in a different culture to your own. The signs can be quite subtle -- or not. I figured when we passed the sex shops (one of them very specifically labelled as only for men) and the absinthe shop, we probably weren't in the best of neighbourhoods in Prague. That said, a new Sheraton is schedule to open up in the next block very soon.

I told Bill how sad I thought this doorway was, when it could have been so grand. He thought the statues looked sad about it, too. Looking at it now, I can just hear them:

Joe: "Pete, can you believe what someone's done to our door!?"

Pete, scratching his head, "Why do people want to go and do such an ugly thing?"

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