Monday, 31 December 2012

Wordsworth Way

We left Near Sawrey, the village of Beatrix Potter's Hill Top, and went to Hawkshead (also pertaining to B. Potter, but I won't say how in case you want to see the film).  

Wordsworth went to school here in the 1700s.

It is a typical Lake District village, full of quaint little shops and tea shops.  

Hawkshead streets

I tried to find something I really wanted, but failed.  It was more fleece than wool and I prefer the latter for keeping warm.  I was vaguely tempted by some chocolate wellies to give as gifts, but didn't figure they'd last until Christmas in our house.

View form the churchyard

We strolled past The Old Grammar School, attended by poet William Wordsworth.  

Flowers brighten the grayest day in the grayest street.

This was on our way to the old church, St. Michael's and All Angels, with a history going back to the 12th Century.  Most of my interior photos were naff, but the link shows a bit of the inside.

Church Wardens for the year 1711...

I loved the Celtic design of their war memorial.  

War Memorial

The casualties of WWI covered one side, top to bottom; those of WWII were only a few names on the other side.  

Chocolate Wellies, in white or brown...

It was, as you can see, a very wet day, but we still enjoyed our stroll followed by a nice hot cup of tea.  

So, do you reckon I should have bought the boots?


Anonymous said...

I want to walk that street in the second photo so badly!! What a wonderful little village.

Beryl said...

Those Chocolate Wellies are adorable - but I probably wouldn't have bought them either - since I might eat them myself. And they are too cute to have that happen to them.
I love all the history you reference and it makes me wish I could visit England more often. Being raised in California, things as old as the 1700's just fascinate me. As do the great (and not so great) writers.

Shelley said...

Heather - I would have wanted to as well,ordinarily, but as I recall it was so wet I really wanted to get indoors!

Beryl - I think that sense of history everywhere is one of the main things I would miss were I to move back to the US - not that I'm planning to.