Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Grandmother's Birthday

The year is almost over and it's Grandmother's birthday again.  I found this photo taken around 1940 I'm guessing. 

I love her hairstyle and her hat.  Also the fun design additions on her jacket.  I'm not sure, but I think they would be called shaped welt pockets with tape binding or something like that.  

That's mom in the background, messing with her hair.  I don't know if Grandmother is frowning just because of the sun or if Mom has said something to her on her way to the car.

"Pick up some more Cokes and chocolate bars, would you please, Mother?"  would be my guess!


Anonymous said...

Your mom and Grandma look a lot alike in this photo...even the way they are "squinting"--kind of the same manner.

Beryl said...

I bet your grandma could have made her jacket. It is pretty cool with those pockets.

Shelley said...

Heather, you know I never saw much resemblance between Mom and Grandmother, but you are right! I always thought Mom was beautiful and I know Grandmother was considered a beauty in her day. I think I look mostly like my great-grandmother and a bit like my dad, sadly. (Think Paul McCartney and Stella).

Beryl - I never heard of Grandmother sewing anything, though she could crochet, I think. She wasn't much for handicrafts, more for spending!