Monday, 3 December 2012

Walk to Grange-over-Sands

The day after the wedding when everyone else had left, we went for a nice walk along to Grange-over-Sands. 

 The weather was still spectacular,

in spite of the rain during the night.

Morecambe Bay was lovely to see, but I couldn't help remembering the shocking deaths of 20-some Chinese workers when the rapid tide came in and cut them off from land. 

Morecambe Bay... beautiful, but dangerous.

This happened on the other side of the bay from us, but still there were dozens of signs around warning about the tidal times.  We had no interest in the beach, thankfully.

I was taken with these benches:  squirrels below...
We actually ran into Kathleen and Bobby as we crossed a car park on the way into the village. 

Dragon heads and grapes on the side...what's that all about??

She had been to the boutique I told her about and bought a shawl like the one I admired last week. 

A different shop that was closed, but you can see the sea through their
back window!  What a lovely place to work...

She told the shopkeeper than an American lady would be along to buy another, she bet the blue one.  Bobby moaned about all the money Kathleen spends.  What a waste of breath!

Stopping for a nice cup of tea...that mirror was quite confusing!

Funny thing, when we found the place and I had a look around there were many other very interesting scarf designs, but none were very well made.  I wasn't that interested in the blue shawl after all, though the taupe one did give me pause.  In the end, I walked out without buying anything.  I was careful not to speak, in case the shopkeeper got her hopes up.  

We had a good wander round the place, stopped for a cup of tea, then made our way back to the motorhome.   Before leaving we visited the loo.  It was out the back yard. 

I still stumble over saying 'back garden'  (UK version) instead of 'back yard' (US version).  I snapped a couple of photos of what Brits call the back yard (the yard being the area of 'hard-standing').

This was even more interesting as it had the old bread ovens still in place, though I doubt they are in use.

Looking down the main road.

I'd somehow overlooked packing food and the shop had a limited selection.  We couldn't be too upset at having to 'make do' with cheese and crackers for lunch and bacon and eggs for dinner!  Oops!


Anonymous said...

Oh it looks beautiful there, so funny about back garden/back yard, I still say 'praline' the American way.

Beryl said...

I know what you mean about passing on something I like because it's not well-made. That's the curse of being able to sew. But it still sounds like a good time.