Thursday, 31 January 2019

Last Tuesday's Walk

I set myself a goal to walk for an hour most days in January. I did pretty well with that until Bill brought me home a cold. For now I get all my exercise coughing.

He just had his follow up appointment for his pacemaker surgery yesterday and has the 'all clear'. So of course, being a normal 70 year old, he signed up for the Allendale Challenge in April, 25 miles in the fells and valleys. Over here a 'fell' is a noun which means hill or stretch of high moorland, especially in northern England. Unless it's me doing the challenge in which case it is the standard use, past tense of fall. 

Before he was given back his status as active athlete he would walk around with me. I enjoyed showing him my usual two mile jogging path, measuring the route to the knitting shop, having him show me Preston cemetery. He enjoyed playing with his Garmin wrist watch / heart monitor that he got for Christmas. It told us how far we'd walked and, if we remembered to set it, how long this took us. 

Bill prefers to be out in the countryside but I prefer an urban/suburban environment in most instances. I do love a good wood or a beach but one with facilities would be my first choice. The way I see it, nature is infinitely beautiful, but people are just as surprising. 

 For example, what would possess someone in a nice neighbourhood with a perfectly decent house to put a giant spider on it? 

I feel for the neighbours, don't you? I'm not sure I could sleep with that on the wall outside my bedroom.

On a happier note, I saw my first snowdrops of the year.


Unknown said...

Hope your cold is better soon. I admire your goal setting of an hour of walking most days in January. It appears to have given you a lot of pleasure. I too set goals for January - alcohol free, going to the gym at least twice a week and losing weight. So far so good and feeling the benefit. Will aim to add another goal for February - not decided on what as yet. Have you any new goals for February?

Shelley said...

Hi Vivien

Well done you! I have also had a dry January, with two planned exceptions. My main goals for February are to continue this - excepting Valentine's Day and to get my US tax info to the accountant. They have set the deadline of March 1, so it's not my choice but theirs. Since catching cold I've not walked much and certainly not on these icy pavements!

I promised myself that when I weighed 7 lbs less I would buy myself everything on my Christmas wishlist (about £50-60 worth, I think). Will have to think of a reward for the next 7 lbs...