Saturday, 1 July 2017

Green Walk on the Rhine

On the other side of the river we found a bench where we sat and ate our packed lunches, some of which we shared with the masses of sparrows that gathered. 

As we walked that section of the city - I think it was called the Rheingasse (Rhine Alley?) we found one of the really posh residential areas. 

One side seemed predominantly single dwellings, some terraced and some detached with gardens. 

The other side looked to be mostly apartments in very old higgledy-piggledy buildings. 

Our brochure described it as a 'well-kept residential quarter'. 

Past the terraced houses a few restaurants appeared and this one seems to
 feature dancing, given the entwined couple.

I couldn't agree more and we returned a couple of times to enjoy this area, always discovering something new.

Couldn't find all the basilisk fountains the other day; but
there really were loads everywhere.

Americans seem to need loads of space and land around their homes, but part of Europe's charm is clusters of flats with complex roof lines showing endless additions. 

A Yank would want to build on top of the mountain that looks over the valley. 

In Basel the homes are the mountain, overlooking the Rhine. 

We spent ages admiring different arrangements of gabled windows, precarious balconies and houses we thought no wider than a stairwell.

Amongst the houses we also found a group of striking modern apartments, all in black. We noticed how fab the brightly coloured balcony (green with envy) furniture looked against the black background. Bill was ready to move in.

Then there were the terraced houses with seemingly no garden but covered with climbing plants. 

I loved the balcony with the thoughtfully painted ceiling, seemingly for the benefit of those gazing upwards. 

Funny little details raised all sorts of questions for me to research. 

A Braille version of the skyline with names of buildings f
or sighted readers as well.

I have to say this was one of my favourite days and parts of Basel. 

It's always great fun to imagine how it might feel to live in these various forms of accommodation. 

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