Saturday, 15 July 2017

Another Boat Ride

The way Jane planned for us to return to Lucerne was via boat. I was almost blase about the scenery by that time and busied myself knitting between interesting buildings. 

Our fellow passengers stood at the railings most of the time and I would have had to elbow my way in. However, I did get the occasional photo and being able to crop people out of the pictures helps a lot. 

Jane - wouldn't wish to crop her!

Lucerne from the water

I was, however, quite taken with the enormous swan's next at the ferry at Lucerne. 

I've seen plenty of swans in Britain but can't remember ever having seen a next.

The covered bridge looked similar to the one at Thun, but minus surfers. Clearly covered bridges are a useful thing in a snowy winter climate.

Oh, and Bill saw one of his favourite birds, a coot (I love the name as well).

And so another day's adventures (and another blog post) came to an end.

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