Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Another Granny Square Project

This is another of my watching-telly projects for the Age UK knitting group. Granny squares really are about the easiest thing to do with yarn and I still absolutely love playing with the colours. 

About the time I was delivering this, I was trying to exercise more and so I cycled the 3 or so miles to the Comrades Club at Whitley Bay, where my knitting group meets. 

It was a gorgeous day and I couldn't resist stopping to snap a few photos. 

On the way to Whitley Bay

Being able to stop at take pictures - along with not having to pay for parking (£1.20/hour!) - are two huge advantages (not to mention the exercise of course) of cycling over driving. 

I generally drive when a) the weather is bad; b) I have loads to carry; or c) I've let myself run short of time and in many cases I find the car as much a nuisance as a convenience. 

The pier and the Priory
The ability to walk to most places I would generally need to go is now firmly in my list of requirements for a place to live - not that I plan on moving any time soon! Folks in the US - particularly the midwest - never think of this, but my experience is that it adds a lot to quality of life, having that sort of convenience and community.

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tess said...

I agree about walkability (also public transportation) being key. I would hate to be dependent on a car, also saw too may scary movies (ie, Funny Games) to be in an isolated area.