Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Cragside Walls

I found myself snapping photos of wall coverings at Cragside. Many of the wallpapers were of William Morris design. 

I can never decide about his designs or about the Arts and Crafts movement either. I tend to think they are lovely to look at but I'd never want to live with them.

Perhaps my house just isn't large enough?

Or is it because it is all just so bright and busy?

I really do think you can have too much of a good thing.

Bill couldn't believe I liked the tiles. 

Well, I did and I didn't. I liked the colours and the patterns, but tiles on a hall wall seemed rather cold, particularly in a house built of stone.

I think I looked at them and saw counted cross-stitch, which I used to love doing; or maybe my next granny square project? I would wear some of these patterns, say on a blouse or even a jacket.

I found it quite exotic, different to my painted walls at home. 

I've just realized I've posted a wallpaper sampler!


Indigo Dragonfly said...

Love the wallpapers! I once purchased a book of gift wrap pages of William Morris designs. I agree - on the wall it's all a bit much, but on a gift box it's lovely.

Shelley said...

Oh, bless you! I've been thinking this must be the most vacuous post ever. Must sit down and write something a bit more serious...