Friday, 1 July 2016

Cragside Continued

Decent photos inside Cragside were mostly impossible owing to the dim lighting. That said, the place was lighter and brighter than I remembered it from our last visit. 

As though they had cleaned a layer of grunge off the whole place.  It wasn't sunshine, since it was overcast outside. No idea how that happened.

I'm obviously sharing some of the lousy photos anyhow. You'll get sort of an idea of how the place looks.

I generally gasp over the architecture of the National Trust places, and certainly I loved a lot of this about Cragside. However, I'm never going to own anything one-millionth as grand, so why long for it? I can certainly aim for smaller bits, like lamps.

Mind, I'd think long and hard about selecting some of these. I loved the idea of the hanging lamps with long fringe, but it does suggest you know exactly where your furniture will be placed for the next 100 years.

Rip some pages from a book, stitch to a frame. Done!

I like to keep my options a bit more open.

Some looked like a potential craft project and others just were lovely to look at.

One lamp in particular has become an iconic symbol for the place.


Indigo Dragonfly said...

Lovely interior & some stunning lamps. I'm not inclined to fringe myself. :-)

Shelley said...

Hi Indigo - I love to run my fingers through long silky fringe. Not sure how to keep it clean though!