Thursday, 2 June 2016


Most of our explorations during out stay at Dungloe were to the north, towards Braade and Annagry, but I was aware that we should also look at Toberkeen (sometimes spelled Tubberkeen; it seems to be pronounced something like tubber-KEEN). 

I was told there was a community centre at Maghery with a Heritage Room I should check out. I never did get the hang of saying Maghery. It's somewhere like MaGARRY or MagHAIRY...I'm never gonna speak Irish, I can tell you that.

Bill thought it might be a good spot for sunset photos so we went there one evening after dinner. The door to the Community Centre was ajar but because of the time Bill thought it might be a private party, so we didn't intrude. In hindsight perhaps we should have barged in and got some information, but we didn't. 

The sunset was worth waiting for, though it was pretty chilly and we had to listen to an unhappy cow for most of our wait. At least I interpreted it as unhappy; maybe it was just talkative. 

Just for a bit of variety I tried to photograph a signal tower. We saw a couple on our travels. One is said to date back to the Napoleonic wars; I think this one was just from WWII. 

We went back the next day and the Centre was locked up tight, with no opening hours published. I left a message on their Facebook, but never had a reply. A couple of days later Bill walked down to Toberkeen and found the Centre open. He looked around the Heritage Room but came away with the idea that it was more recent history than I was seeking and that the display was aimed at school children. 

Toberkeen's early documents had some interesting names and it would have been fun to investigate further, but I can't say I expected a great deal anyhow. 

Much as I love the warm colours of the sunset, I also love this lavender and grey picture as well.

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Indigo Dragonfly said...

Those were lovely sunset pictures. Too bad the center was not available, nor what you were looking for. I agree, you should have gatecrashed the party! LOL