Monday, 6 June 2016


This place got its name from a Lord Garlies, later 6th Earl of Galloway, but unfortunately I always see this name and think 'garlic'.

It was a lovely place, the old part of the village right on Garlieston Harbour. As was, unfortunately for the residents, our caravan park. We backed up to a wall that separated us from the front steps of several terraced houses. 

I hoped their view out the back was much nicer, or that they could enjoy the empty green over the winter. 

At least the local pub did a good trade, no doubt from the caravan park as well as the locals.

We were only there the one night. 

I appreciated the sheer luxury of a dish drainer in the dish washing area, funny how little it takes to impress! 

And there was a wonderful parade of dogs owned by the various motor home owners, mostly big breeds, kind of a a surprise.

I think these photos show why we think southwest Scotland is pretty special.

It was a beautiful place to spend our last night on the road, but boy was I ready to be home! 

Not least because I had a lunch date with Vivien the next day and it was going to be lovely to catch up with her. And it was a very photo-worthy lunch, but that is another post...


Indigo Dragonfly said...

What a lovely spot to have as your last day on the road. Was it low tide when you took the photos? Lovely nevertheless. And yes, poor residents with all those caravans parked so close!

Shelley said...

I wondered about the tide as well, but I never saw it much further in. I think this may be another one of the stretches of beach called a 'strand'. Much of what we see as natural waterways are created or enhanced by dredging, which makes them more functional for ships. It may be that Garlieston was once a port of some kind...or perhaps not.

I saw a professional photo of Donegal where someone was walking on wet sand on which the sky was perfectly reflected. The photo was called "Skywalker" and that's just how it looked.