Thursday, 2 July 2015

Sun Court

One of the most astonishing things (I'm trying to quit my 'amazing' habit - sick of the word!) we saw in Scarborough was the Sun Court. It is sort of a topless green house, with chairs - and a bandstand. 

I gather various musical entertainments happen there, including 'coffee dances'. (I wonder how those differ; possibly something about the time of day, but I can't seem to nail it down.) I do worry about that checked flooring, though. I would think it could make dancers dizzy!

The Sun Court is part of Scarborough Spa. We had lunch in the cafe, overlooking the beach. I hated to be indoors out of the sun, then again it was nice to be sheltered from the wind. I knew there was a theatre there, but hadn't realised the number of venues attached to the same building.  

Scarborough's history as a "Spaw" (as it was first spelled) town began in 1620, when a Mrs. Ferrer discovered natural mineral waters on the site. By 1690, Scarborough was famous as a 'spaw' and as a seaside resort for bathing. The trick was to get clients down the cliff to the beach. I think we found their solution for that.

I think this is the 'cliff lift' mentioned on the Scarborough Spa website.

Cliff-falls, sea storms and fire have all devastated the buildings at this site, though the present day buildings, built in the 1880's seem sturdy enough.

The higher we climbed up the stairs, the better the view!

I saw a poster that said both Tom Jones and Jessie J would be in concert (separately) in Scarborough in July. Turns out there is yet another music venue north of there, call the Open Air Arena.  Bet either of those shows will be great, but if I had to choose, you know I'd go see Tom.

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Carolyn said...

What a gorgeous builidng! It would be wonderful to have an outdoor dance, but still feel like you're in a swish venue like that. Beautiful!