Monday, 12 January 2015

Christmas Eve on the Canal at Christleton

As part of our trip to Manchester for Christmas Day we stayed with Simon at his house in the village of Christleton, just south of Chester. Spending time with Simon is always a good idea and probably the part of Christmas I most enjoyed. 

He was at work on Christmas Eve so Bill and I took the opportunity to have a wander along the canal, just a block or two from his house.   

I'm always rather envious of the people who live canal side, though there isn't much privacy in their back gardens. The water and the various arrangements they have to enjoy it always look magical to me. Houses on the other side along this stretch had long back gardens with hedges between them and the path along the canal; some had gates for access and others did not. I'm sure there is always a concern about security. In any case we have no plans to sell and move West.


We came along a man and his friend/son? fishing. We arrived just in time to see him pull out a large speckled pike. He was keen to make sure it wasn't injured and to get it back into the water safely. He said some people like to eat pike but he wasn't interested.

When all that excitement passed we wished them a Happy Christmas and continued on our walk.

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