Saturday, 25 October 2014

Attending a Tea

So, this is another pause for real life apart from travel. Very soon after our return home I was scheduled to attend a tea to which Vivien had invited the 'Champagne Sub-group' to (that's Vivien, me, Lucy, and Julia - who is expecting a baby in February!!!). The tea was a fund-raising event by the Rotary of which Vivien is a member.

I tell you these things were tiny!

We learned about this cafe in Killingworth that is a 'social enterprise', that is a non-profit that is run to benefit a particular group. I think I understood this to be 'young people' in the area. 

Social enterprises seem to be a big thing around here but I don't know much about how they work. I didn't have any qualms whatsoever about this one but I remember seeing another that made big questions pop into my head about whether the real benefit went where stated. But that is a post for another day - they may not even still be in business. 

I lovely selection of sandwiches and cakes. I ate my share!

It's amazing how difficult it is to get the four of us together. Between travel, work, school, family and other commitments it is nearly impossible. We don't even manage social networking like teenagers would. I see each of them individually but we rarely are all four together so this was a real treat.

This was also tiny, but very rich.

Flowers for the people who run the cafe.

Thank you, Vivien, for inviting us!

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