Monday, 6 October 2014

Aldridge Hotel

Bill did a bit of wandering whilst I was scanning history books and burial registers. He found a number of buildings he wanted to show me. One of these was the Aldridge Hotel. We were admiring the front and peering through the glass doors when a gentleman arrived home and invited us to see the inside.

Yes, those shades are funny-looking. What can I say? He's British.

Soon after he left us a lady came out of the elevator and talked to us about living there. She also took us back to see the ballroom, available to rent for events; available to tenants for free if not otherwise engaged.

The hotel is not only lovely, the rent is based on a person's income. She told us she was thinking of moving to the Aldridge in Wewoka, OK to be nearer her daughter. There is apparently another of this hotel chain in Shawnee.

I've never fancied living in a small town, I think I might enjoy it here. We were told that the building receives funding for housing the elderly and disabled and that recent changes in legislation mean that 'disabled' includes mentally ill, including illness due to drug and alcohol abuse. This perhaps makes this a more challenging place to live. 

Still, I could forgive a lot in such a beautiful building!

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Gam Kau said...

Looks like a lovely place to live, well, if it weren't in such a small town. I'm not so keen on small towns or rural locations aside from visiting. I wish I were because it is always so much less expensive to live.