Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Grandpa's Purse

Actually this isn't Grandpa's purse, it belonged to Bill's mother, Ella.  Made of wool fabric, it has two pockets (I have cash in one, cards in the other) and a 'kissing clasp' closure. I never knew what that was called until recently. It's the shape and the kissing clasp that remind me of Grandpa; his was brown leather and had only one pocket in which he kept his change.

I'm not usually one to count out exact change, not wanting to delay the queue behind me. I remember as a child often seeing Grandpa count out his change and I grew up thinking of this practice as 'being careful' with your money.  Though he and Grandma lived off their Social Security (as did Mom and Daddy - quite possible if your house is paid for, or it was then), they left a bank account with $7,000 (I have the statement in Grandpa's old banker's box).

This is a birthday remembrance of my Grandpa, who was born 120 years ago (gosh that makes me feel old!)


Gam Kau said...

Really lovely memories. :)

Beryl said...

I have a little leather coin purse like that and I really like using it. My grandfather had a change purse that was a little leather square that was folded origami-like. When you pinched it on the bottom, it sort of popped open. I've never seen one like it for sale.

sanda said...

The coin purse is in remarkably good condition. When I think of coins, I think of keeping them in the sugar bowl; not sure why. Probably stories I read as a child in which this was where the housewife kept change. I so dislike being behind a person in line counting out correct change!