Saturday, 13 September 2014

Grandma's Cloths

Initially I was going to do a review of some of Grandma's fabulous clothes in remembrance of her birthday. Then I read last year that I was going to knit a dish cloth and I hadn't yet. So 'clothes' became 'cloths' and I set myself to knitting. 

I'd bought a 40 metre ball of string a couple of months ago for 50 pence. I cast on 40 with who knows what sized wooden needles. Though the photo looks roughly square, it is in fact rectangular folded in half, so I'd try 30 stitches for the next one, if this one works out at all. It took maybe an hour and I read blogs whilst knitting. 

I do recommend learning the 'continental' style of knitting. I've heard this called Russian and German and all sorts, but I think it's all the same. Once mastered it is much less energetic than American style knitting.  One of the ladies at my craft group was interested in my description. When I said that it saved one having to throw the yarn around the needle with the right hand and instead used a knitting needle a bit like a crochet hook, she summarized beautifully by saying 'So instead of being throwers they are hookers?'.  I've become a hooker then...

I think my Grandma would tell me I was a clever girl.


D A Wolf said...

Hookers. Too cute.

I remember my grandma and my mother crocheting mostly. (Also hookers?)


Beryl said...

And your grandma would be right - you are a clever girl! Should be a lovely dishcloth. For me, using it would feel like living history.