Thursday, 24 July 2014

Let There Be Light!

We've been having some construction work done around here: a very small extension that will give us a downstairs loo and a cloaks closet. It's not finished yet. However, with having workman around anyhow I had the idea for putting a glass door between our kitchen and the enclosed back porch to take advantage of the one south facing window in our house (besides the one in the garage).  It means we'll need to tidy and paint that back porch now but that's no bad thing. And the extra light it lets it makes a world of difference!

This motivated Bill to finally take a box of electronic stuff to the tip for recycling and me to replace the ugly plants that have been relegated to this formerly unseen place with a selection of herbs. So far we have oregano, mint and basil and I'm finding it great fun to snip and add these to the meals I cook. 


Gam Kau said...

It looks wonderful - clever idea of make use of the natural light available. It looks so nice! And now the back porch is turned into a useful area. Can you put up coat hooks?

Shelley said...

GK - We could put up coat hooks but we don't ever come in the back way. What we do have there is an old set of shelves for muddy shoes and unused plant pots. Also recycling bins and the peg bag. We're re-thinking some of those things, but for now I'm just enjoying the light!