Friday, 25 July 2014

Bernard's Birthday

Today is my uncle Bernard's birthday. He would have been 94, but instead he died at the age of 56. I never think of Bernard these days without remembering that I've now outlived him in years. I feel really fortunate and also rather humbled by that fact.  

This photo cracks me up. It was taken outside of 'Jungle Gardens', I believe somewhere in Florida. Grandmother's second husband was in the Navy and stationed in Florida and so the family moved there in the early 1940s. Bernard would be about 20 in this photo.  Obviously I can't see the person in the shadow, but that hat says 'Grandmother' to me! Hilarious!


Gam Kau said...

Such a a sweet photo, you are lucky to have it. Nice to remember your uncle on his birthday!

sanda said...

That photo is so 1940ish. Those white shoes! and yes, that hat is either a woman or a person of Chinese descent!

D A Wolf said...

Ha! The hat shadow! Too funny.