Tuesday, 1 October 2013

La Vieille Ville (Old Town)

One of the first things I wanted to see after Bill joined me in Nice was La Vieille Ville. I imagined narrow, twisting streets and that was right. I was sure it would be touristy and there is no doubt about that. The locals appeared to shop there as well. Bill noted a charcuterier (butchers) that always had a long queue outside. Come to think of it, Brits and Yanks are far more likely to queue than the French, but we did think they were locals. 

In some ways it is much like any other old Mediterranean (it's taken me ages to learn to spell that word) village. Well, I can say it reminded me a bit of Genoa and Barcelona (we visited the latter a couple of times in the PDA (pre-digital age). All typically, deliciously European.

These are mostly Bill's photos. Though some of them are of strange things, I would likely have shot similar things myself. He was very good about photographing items for me, mainly clothes that tempted until I looked at the price tag.

We went back to explore different alleys streets and one day stopped for lunch, mainly because we wanted to huddle under an awning to get out of the downpour. It was only a matter of time til we got caught, it being that time of year. 

Ben told me there was a saying that the weather in Nice changed on the 15th of August. (Beware the ides of August?). We didn't experience that sudden change until a couple of weeks later in a different part of France. But it definitely wasn't the height of summer any more. BTW, I can recommend the Nicoise answer to lemonade - a mix of orange and lemon juice with ice and a bit of sugar. 

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