Saturday, 5 October 2013

Bea's House - Part II

Sorry, yes, this is more of that extravagant woman's house.  I don't know that we saw all of the upstairs and I believe there are other areas of the villa still being worked on.  

One of the most memorable things about this place is that the architecture of the house seemed really simple.  It looked like just a big central square with rooms off the sides and a staircase stuck off of one corner.  Upstairs looked liked just a gallery around the top with rooms off of it.  It's not quite that straight forward, but compared with many stately homes and castles it is beautifully uncomplicated.

At the back you step out onto a loggia - a balcony with columns - overlooking the gardens and the sea. It is simply stunning.

There were beautiful things in each room, as well as the building itself and the views outside.  No doubt all priceless. She had a thing for monkeys and there was a room full of them pictured with silks on the walls.  She liked the work of artist Fragonard, but collected his sketches more than his paintings.  

It dawned on me that such a pink house wasn't overwhelming because there was so much blue and green outside.  Somehow it all balanced out.

Bill and i are both a bit mental about stairwells.

No idea who these two delightfully colourful ladies are, but Bill snapped their photo.

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Sandra said...

What breathtaking photos...very inviting, I could almost hear the music!