Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Grandpa's Birthday

I think about Grandpa fairly often lately, particularly about how orderly and frugal he was, though I don't think he considered himself to be anything other than fulfilling his responsibility.  He spent his money carefully but I remember trips to buy ice cream or a hamburger at McDonald's (long before the advent of happy meals).   His and Grandma's little two-bedroom house had everything they needed. They didn't hoard anything 'just in case'.  I don't even remember them stocking up during the sales. They bought what they needed as they needed it.  Things that could be mended were repaired; those that couldn't be mended or re-used were discarded.  Everything had a designated place.  They didn't have the latest technology, but what they had worked fine.  The closets weren't crammed, the car fit into the garage, there was nothing in the attic.  I didn't even know they had an attic until I was moving to Utah and we were clearing the house in preparation to rent it.  It was a loft space accessible only from the garage.  

I know some people who are frugal and I know a (very) few people who are tidy and organised, but I'm not sure I know many people who could live so nicely on as little as they did.  

Happy Birthday, Grandpa.


Carolyn said...

Times have changed, haven't they? we are so bombarded with the societal pressure to accumulate "things" it is crazy. It would be good to regain some or our grandparents' frugal habits.

sanda said...

What a nice tribute to your grandfather. Frugal because they had to be. I've heard my mother say she had no idea how her mother lived on so little money. But she was the happiest person I ever knew. And there always was a feast on the table and you felt welcome!

Shelley said...

Sanda, Yes, they were frugal because they felt the need, but strangely enough Grandpa left a house paid for, a car paid for and about $7000 in the bank, a reasonable sum in 1972, though admittedly not a fortune. It paid for his funeral, for Grandma's short stay in a nursing home and then some.