Monday, 1 April 2013

Old Grey Goat

(Sorry, Bill, it's your own fault for choosing that lodging and I just can't resist.)

It's amazing how quickly five years has passed.  Five years ago, Bill turned 60 and the family gathered at Kettlewell.  This blog was there to report on it.  Later that year eleven of us went touring Route 66 (with a few additions) in an RV.   This year there are no grand tours planned, though we do have more trips planned in our motor home.  

This year, for Bill's 65th birthday, the immediate family  - that's Bill's three children and their partners:  Helen (Martin), Simon (Simone), Sarah; and Helen and Martin's six-month old daughter, Princess Charlotte) - all gathered in Cockermouth at The Grey Goat Inn.   

Helen and Martin came from Manchester, Simon from France, Simone from Germany, Sarah from Edinburgh and us from Newcastle, so it was no mean feat to gather.  

The Grey Goat Inn was, until about a year ago, a pub; now it is a 'holiday let'. Bill and I were the first to arrive and when we walked in we saw the owner. We were all quite shocked, as we recognised one another.  Hugh owns and runs a pub near us.  I've written about that, too.  I should go visit one afternoon (when it's quiet) and take some photos to share.  It's a pretty amazing place.  We knew Hugh had a place in Cockermouth, we just didn't know it was this one, it being let by an agent.  And while it's been a long time since we were at the Tynemouth Lodge, he recognised our faces from back when we went more often.

I was going to show you a bunch of photos we took of the Grey Goat, which dates back to 1780, but the website does that just fine.  Just click on that first photo and take the tour!

Easter approaching, I made everyone an Easter chick, using a pattern I've only ever seen the ladies at the sewing group use.

Amazingly, on our first jaunt around the town, Simon spotted a bunch of these in the window and said I'd just come early for some shopping!


Beryl said...

Those chicks are utterly adorable! Good job!
How unusually to find that you know the owner of your birthday lodgings.

Shelley said...

Beryl - They are cute, especially as they sit on a Cadbury's egg... Must post about how to make them one day.